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3 Podcasts to Upgrade Your Money Mindset

About 4 years ago I realized this was my main script in my head:

"You may not be rich, but you are rich with love."

This was something that I always heard as a kid growing up. I loved it, and I always felt it, because we always did have, and still do have, so much love.

But what I've realized as I've gotten older is that I subconsciously labeled money "bad."

That to be "rich" meant that you surely can't have love. And if you "have love," you can't be rich.

For years I was unconsciously living this life. Always abundant in love, but somehow coming up short with the amount of money I wanted (and knew I was worthy of).

Recognizing and reframing my money story has been an eye-opening experience. Learning that you CAN be wealthy AND have love. Abundance knows no limits. My energy around money has positively shifted over the years, but it's still a big learning process for me (I can't be the only one!?)

To keep me in the flowing, receiving state, I like to listen to podcasts (surprise, surprise) that help with the rewriting process of our internal script.

If you're in need of some BIG MONEY energy, here's 3 episodes I've had on repeat lately:

Let me know if you give any (or all) of these a listen.

Do you have any podcasts or resources you'd like to share? LMK <3

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