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my story

At the ripe age of 22, I packed two suitcases, said "see you later" to my loved ones and with just $1,000 in my pocket, I moved to the Virgin Islands. I was eager to learn + explore on my own, but that was quickly interrupted when I experienced several staph infections that wouldn't seem to heal 


Confused, anxious and alone in a new place, I did what I thought was best: follow the doctors orders. But after several rounds of failed antibiotics, I intuitively knew that something had to give.


Despite my best intentions, I realized that much of what I was putting in AND on my body was toxic and full of chemicals with detrimental effects. So down the rabbit hole I went...


I became obsessed with learning the ins and outs of natural ways to heal the body. I researched, learned and discovered my passion through my pain. I was able to heal my staph infections naturally (Manuka honey and oil of oregano work wonders!) and I've been sharing my holistic health journey ever since.


Fast forward 9+ years later, I now aim to teach and empower others to reduce their toxic load and release what is no longer serving them, so that they can raise their vibration to live a truly vibrant, balanced and aligned life


So WELCOME! I'm beyond honored you're here and I can't wait to continue to serve you (and learn from you).

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